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A Personal Yoga Practice Sourcebook

Available anywhere books are sold, including:

You can be your best teacher!

Yogis, do you still believe you must always be guided through your practice by a yoga instructor? How would it feel to know that you can guide yourself through the perfect yoga practice for you on any given day, safely and sustainably? 

If you are a yoga practitioner with a moderate amount of experience, you can liberate yourself from being guided through your practice by someone else. Trust Yourself provides yogis of all styles with a valuable complement to practice with a teacher in a studio or online. In each chapter, you will find what you need to transport you from sitting on your yoga mat wondering what to do next, to moving comfortably and confidently through a complete personal yoga practice—self-guided, self-care on your mat. 

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"The key to having enough time to practice is to let go of your idea of how long a yoga practice should be."

- Trust Yourself

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